Besides research and journal, I am also providing specific financial consultations. Basically, in saving money, financial objectives are very important. I would like to share the financial knowledge that I have learned previously.

Emergency fund is the money that we save for short term goals. Ideally, 6 months salary is required to get the sufficient emergency fund.

Education fund is the money that we save for long term goals. Ideally, as early as we got a newborn baby, we start to save money every month, in order to get the sufficient education fund, when the baby become 18 years old.

Retirement fund is the money we save in addition to KWSP or pension scheme. We want to supplement our saving for retirement, so that we can have peace of mind when we retire.

Legacy fund is the money we allocate for charity. We may not live forever. However, our legacy can be last long since we have continuous contribution to the people that are in need.

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