How to download full-text journal paper legally

All-time researchers’ problem in all over the world is to get the PDF version of the full-text journal article. This is because of the journal publication policy.

Basically, journal article is divided into 2 categories:

  1. Open Access journal
  2. Non-Open Access journal

For the Open Access journal, the authors who want to publish their own manuscript into the selected journal should pay a certain amount of Article Processing Charge.

Then, the Open Access journal can be downloaded for free by anyone in the world. No need for the reader to pay anything.

On the other hand, for the Non-Open Access journal, the authors who want to publish their own manuscript have no requirement to pay for Article Processing Charge. They can publish it into the selected journal for free.

Then, the Non-Open Access journal can only be downloaded by the paid users. This can be either through subscribed institutional login or personal paid readers.

In the end, the journal publisher only will earn the money profit. The authors will not gain any direct income from this journal publication business. The authors will only able to put the publication records into their CV for promotion or anything else related to the university requirements.

Therefore, in order to get the non-open access journal paper, we can get the author’s manuscript copy or directly request to the correspondence author. The authors will definitely happy to share their work, because, after that, the authors will gain more citations that will increase their own h-index.

In order to get this thing done, we can use the legal website, namely I have prepared step-by-step tutorial to use this website.

Click the images below to read this tutorial:

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