How to get more updated references using PubMed

Write up of research article requires scientific evidence. Any statement should be supported by other references. Therefore, it is important to get more updated references. One of the useful database to make this successful is PubMed.

While searching for literature, you got an important article. It is relevant, according to your own research interest. You scroll down to know more about this article.
Suddenly, you realized that the article was published in 2015. It is about 5 years ago. During the 5 years time, more works may have been done by other researchers regarding this topic.
Therefore, you have to find out more updated articles. To start the search strategy of updated references, go to
Inside the search box of PubMed database, type the article title of interest. To make it easier, just copy from the title of the related article and paste it here. Then, click “search”.
Then, you will get the search results. Read through the titles. Then, you will find a suitable article. Click the hyperlink to that article.
This is the important part. After clicking the hyperlink to the intended article of interest, you will get a two-column display like the picture above. Focus on the right column. Scroll down to find the keyword “Cited by…”
Just below some of the article titles under section “Cited by…” appear the link “See all…”. Click that link.
For this example tutorial, there are 12 items on the list. Meaning to say, there are 12 articles cited in the first article of interest. 12 papers were published with the citation of the first article in it. Read and click the relevant article. The picture above shows the example, whereby the relevant article is article number 2.
Now you got an article published in 2017! More updated from the previous article that was published in 2015.

Therefore, inside the write-up, we can cite this 2017 article, instead of that 2015 article. Provided that we have verified that the information we want to use is relevant.

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