The Ultimate Guide to Making a Systematic Review Paper

Nowadays, people are keen to make a systematic review paper. Thus, this ultimate guide might lead you to the correct pathway. The outline of this guide: Introduction: What Is a Systematic Review? Why Should You Write a Systematic Review Paper? Getting Started: How to Plan Your Systematic Review Paper Conducting Your Literature Review Writing Your […]

Transform your Literature Review into a manuscript to be published in a journal

How to transform Thesis Literature Review into a manuscript that can be published in a journal? How many of us are familiar with Literature Review part in a thesis? How many of us ever wonder about the potential for a Literature Review to be converted to a manuscript in a journal publication? Would you like […]

How to download full-text journal paper legally

All-time researchers’ problem in all over the world is to get the PDF version of the full-text journal article. This is because of the journal publication policy. Basically, journal article is divided into 2 categories: Open Access journal Non-Open Access journal For the Open Access journal, the authors who want to publish their own manuscript […]

How to get more updated references using PubMed

Write up of research article requires scientific evidence. Any statement should be supported by other references. Therefore, it is important to get more updated references. One of the useful database to make this successful is PubMed. Therefore, inside the write-up, we can cite this 2017 article, instead of that 2015 article. Provided that we have […]

The Best 4 PowerPoint Templates for Everyone

These are the best four ppt files. Microsoft PowerPoint Templates. Very easy. Just edit the template with our own information. Then, we can do the presentation effortlessly. Since the animation has also been included. Awesome! FIrst Template Download Here Second Template Download Here Third Template Download Here Fourth Template Download Here